1930s NBER books

Annual Report of the Directors of Research, February 3, 1930Edwin F. Gay and Wesley C. Mitchell(1929)
The National Income and Its Purchasing PowerWillford Isbell King, assisted by Lillian Epstein(1930)
Corporation Contributions to Organized Community Welfare ServicesPierce Williams and Frederick E. Croxton(1930)
Planning and Control of Public WorksLeo Wolman(1930)
International Migrations, Volume II: InterpretationsWalter F. Willcox, editor(1931)
The Smoothing of Time SeriesFrederick R. Macaulay (1931)
Report Of The President And Report Of The Directors Of Research For The Year 1930NBER(1931)
The Purchase of Medical Care Through Fixed Periodic PaymentPierce Williams, assisted by Isabel C. Chamberlain(1932)
Economic Tendencies in the United States: Aspects of Pre-War and Post-War ChangesFrederick C. Mills(1932)
Report Of The President And Report Of The Directors Of Research For The Year 1931NBER(1932)
Seasonal Variations in Industry and TradeSimon Kuznets(1933)
Changes in Physical Production, Industrial Productivity and Manufacturing Costs, 1927-1932Frederick C. Mills(1933)
Message Of The President: Report Of The Directors Of Research For The Year 1932Edwin F. Gay and Wesley C. Mitchell(1933)
Aspects of Recent Price MovementsFrederick C. Mills(1933)
Production Trends in the United States Since 1870Arthur F. Burns(1934)
Strategic Factors in Business CyclesJohn Maurice Clark(1934)
German Business Cycles, 1924-1933Carl T. Schmidt(1934)
Industrial Profits in the United StatesRalph C. Epstein assisted by Florence M. Clark(1934)
Mechanization in IndustryHarry Jerome (1934)
Report Of The Directors Of Research For The Year 1933NBER(1934)
Annual Report of the Director of Research 1934-1935NBER(1934)
Corporate Profits as Shown by Audit ReportsW. A. Paton(1935)
Public Works in Prosperity and DepressionArthur D. Gayer(1935)
Profits, Losses, and Business Assets, 1929-1934Solomon Fabricant(1935)
Ebb and Flow in Trade UnionismLeo Wolman(1936)
Prices in Recession and Recovery: A Survey of Recent ChangesFrederick C. Mills(1936)
Retrospect and Prospect 1920-1936NBER(1936)
The Recovery in Wages and EmploymentLeo Wolman(1936)
National Income and Capital Formation, 1919-1935Simon Kuznets(1937)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 1The Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1937)
A Program of Financial Research Vol 1: Report of the Exploratory Committee on Financial ResearchExploratory Committee on Financial Research(1937)
A Program of Financial Research Vol 2: Inventory of Current Research on Financial ProblemsWinfield W. Riefier, David Friday, Walter Lichtenstein, J. H. Riddle(1937)
A Program of Financial ResearchNBER(1937)
Report Of The Executive DirectorNBER(1937)
Report of the Executive Director, March 1, 1937NBER(1937)
National Income, 1919-1935Simon Kuznets(1937)
Technical Progress and Agricultural DepressionEugen Altschul and Frederick Strauss(1937)
Union Membership in Great Britain and the United StatesLeo Wolman(1937)
Some Theoretical Problems Suggested by the Movements of Interest Rates, Bond Yields and Stock Prices in the United States since 1856Frederick R. Macaulay(1938)
Commodity Flow and Capital Formation, Volume 1Simon Kuznets (1938)
Capital Consumption and AdjustmentSolomon Fabricant(1938)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 2Conference on Research in National Income and Wealth(1938)
Report of the Committee on Prices in the Bituminous Coal IndustryNBER(1938)
Report Of The Executive Director for 1937NBER(1938)
The Structure of Manufacturing Production: A Cross-Section ViewCharles A. Bliss(1939)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 3Conference on Research in National Income and Wealth(1939)
Textile Markets: Their Structure in Relation to Price ResearchCommittee on Price Research(1939)
Price Research in the Steel and Petroleum IndustriesCommittee on Price Research(1939)
The National Bureau Enters Its Twentieth YearWesley C. Mitchell(1939)
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