1940s NBER books

The International Gold Standard Reinterpreted, 1914-1934William Adams Brown, Jr.(1940)
The Output of Manufacturing Industries, 1899-1937Solomon Fabricant, assisted by Julius Shiskin(1940)
Personal Finance Companies and Their Credit PracticesRalph A. Young and associates(1940)
Sales Finance Companies and Their Credit PracticesWilbur C. Plummer and Ralph A. Young(1940)
Commercial Banks and Consumer Instalment CreditJohn M. Chapman and associates(1940)
Industrial Banking Companies and Their Credit PracticesRaymond J. Saulnier (1940)
Government Agencies of Consumer Instalment CreditJoseph D. Coppock(1940)
The Pattern of Consumer Debt, 1935–36: A Statistical AnalysisBlanche Bernstein(1940)
The Volume of Consumer Instalment Credit, 1929-38Duncan McC. Holthausen, Malcolm L. Merriam, Rolf Nugent(1940)
The National Bureau's Social Function, Twentieth Annual Report of the Director of Research, A Record of 1939 and Plans for 1940(1940)
The National Bureau's Social FunctionNBER(1940)
The Volume of Consumer Instalment Credit, 1929–1938Duncan McC. Holthausen, Malcolm L. Merriam and Rolf Nugent(1940)
Manufacturing Output, 1929-1937Solomon Fabricant(1940)
Residential Real Estate, Its Economic Position as Shown by Values, Rents, Family Incomes, Financing, and Construction, Together with Estimates for All Real EstateDavid L. Wickens(1941)
National Income and Its Composition, 1919-1938, Volume ISimon Kuznets, assisted by Lillian Epstein and Elizabeth Jenks(1941)
Risk Elements in Consumer Instalment FinancingDavid Durand(1941)
The Relation between Factory Employment and Output since 1899Solomon Fabricant(1941)
The Relation of Cost to Output for a Leather Belt ShopJoel Dean(1941)
The National Bureau and its CollaboratorsNBER(1941)
Risk Elements in Consumer Instalment Financing, Technical EditionDavid Durand(1941)
National Income, 1919-1938Simon Kuznets(1941)
Finished Commodities since 1879: Output and Its CompositionWilliam H. Shaw(1941)
A Significance Test for Time Series and Other Ordered ObservationsW. Allen Wallis and Geoffrey H. Moore(1941)
National Income and Its Composition, 1919-1938, Volume IISimon Kuznets, assisted by Lillian Epstein and Elizabeth Jenks(1941)
Employment in Manufacturing, 1899-1939: An Analysis of Its Relation to the Volume of ProductionSolomon Fabricant(1942)
American Agriculture, 1899-1939: A Study of Output, Employment and ProductivityHarold Barger and Hans H. Landsberg(1942)
Fiscal Planning for Total WarWilliam Leonard Crum, John F. Fennelly, and Lawrence Howard Seltzer(1942)
Consumer Instalment Credit and Economic FluctuationsGottfried Haberler(1942)
Term Lending to BusinessNeil H. Jacoby and Raymond J. Saulnier(1942)
Financing Small Corporations in Five Manufacturing Industries, 1926–36Charles L. Merwin (1942)
Outlay and Income in the United States, 1921–1938Harold Barger(1942)
Economic Research in War and ReconstructionWesley C. Mitchell(1942)
Railway Freight Traffic in Prosperity and DepressionThor Hultgren(1942)
Uses of National Income in Peace and WarSimon Kuznets(1942)
Basic Yields of Corporate Bonds, 1900-1942David Durand(1942)
Productivity of Labor in Peace and WarSolomon Fabricant(1942)
Accounts Receivable FinancingRaymond J. Saulnier and Neil H. Jacoby(1943)
The Financing of Large Corporations, 1920-39Albert Ralph Koch(1943)
Income Size Distributions in the United States, Part I Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1943)
Cost Behavior and Price PolicyCommittee on Price Determination(1943)
The Effect of War on Business Financing: Manufacturing and Trade, World War ICharles H. Schmidt and Ralph A. Young(1943)
The Effect of War on Currency and DepositsCharles R. Whittlesey(1943)
Prices in a War Economy: Some Aspects of the Present Price Structure of the United StatesFrederick C. Mills(1943)
British and American Plans for International Currency StabilizationJ. H. Riddle(1943)
Twenty-third Annual Report of the National Bureau of Economic ResearchWesley C. Mitchelll(1943)
The Banking System and War FinanceCharles R. Whittlesey(1943)
Wartime "Prosperity" and the FutureWesley C. Mitchell(1943)
Railroad Travel and the State of BusinessThor Hultgren(1943)
The Mining Industries, 1899–1939: A Study of Output, Employment, and ProductivityHarold Barger and Sam H. Schurr(1944)
Comparative Operating Experience of Consumer Instalment Financing Agencies and Commercial Banks, 1929-41Ernst A. Dauer(1944)
Financing Equipment for Commercial and Industrial EnterpriseRaymond J. Saulnier and Neil H. Jacoby(1944)
Financing Inventory on Field Warehouse ReceiptsNeil H. Jacoby and Raymond J. Saulnier(1944)
The Labor Force in Wartime AmericaClarence D. Long(1944)
Railway Traffic Expansion and Use of Resources in World War IIThor Hultgren(1944)
Canada's Financial System in WarBenjamin H. Higgins(1944)
Economic Research and The Needs of the TimesWesley C. Mitchell(1944)
National Product, War and PrewarSimon Kuznets (1944)
Production of Industrial Materials in World Wars I and IIGeoffrey H. Moore(1944)
Nazi War Finance and BankingOtto Nathan(1944)
National Product in WartimeSimon Kuznets(1945)
Income from Independent Professional PracticeMilton Friedman and Simon Kuznets(1945)
The Pattern of Corporate Financial Structure: A Cross-Section View of Manufacturing, Mining, Trade, and Construction, 1937Walter A. Chudson(1945)
Corporate Cash Balances, 1914–43: Manufacturing and TradeFriedrich A. Lutz(1945)
The Federal Reserve System in WartimeAnna Youngman(1945)
Labor Savings in American Industry 1899-1939Solomon Fabricant(1945)
The National Bureau's First Quarter-CenturyWesley C. Mitchell(1945)
Bank Liquidity and the WarCharles R. Whittlesey(1945)
National Product since 1869Simon Kuznets, assisted by Lillian Epstein and Elizabeth Jenks(1946)
Output and Productivity in the Electric and Gas Utilities, 1899–1942Jacob Martin Gould(1946)
Measuring Business CyclesArthur F. Burns and Wesley C. Mitchell(1946)
National Income: A Summary of FindingsSimon Kuznets(1946)
Price-Quantity Interactions in Business CyclesFrederick C. Mills(1946)
Changes in Income Distribution during the Great DepressionHorst Mendershausen(1946)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 8Milton Gilbert, Dorothy Brady, and Simon Kuznets(1946)
Domestic Servants in the United States, 1900-1940George J. Stigler(1946)
Economic Research and the Keynesian Thinking of Our TimesArthur F. Burns(1946)
Research In Securities MarketsFinancial Research Program(1946)
Economic Research and the Development of Economic Science and Public PolicyNBER(1946)
Value of Commodity Output since 1869William Howard Shaw(1947)
Trends in Output and EmploymentGeorge J. Stigler(1947)
Business Finance and BankingNeil H. Jacoby and Raymond J. Saulnier(1947)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 10Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1947)
Currency Held by the Public, the Banks, and the Treasury, Monthly, December 1917–December 1944Anna Jacobson Schwartz and Elma Oliver(1947)
Concerning a New Federal Financial StatementMorris A. Copeland(1947)
Basic Yields of Bonds, 1926-1947: Their Measurement and PatternDavid Durand and Willis J. Winn(1947)
Stepping Stones Towards the FutureArthur F. Burns(1947)
Business Incorporations in the United States, 1800–1943George Heberton Evans, Jr.(1948)
American Transportation in Prosperity and DepressionThor Hultgren(1948)
Analysis of Wisconsin IncomeFrank A. Hanna, Joseph A. Pechman, and Sidney M. Lerner(1948)
Recent Developments in Dominion-Provincial Fiscal Relations in CanadaJames A. Maxwell(1948)
The Role of Inventories in Business CylesMoses Abramovitz(1948)
The Structure of Postwar PricesFrederick C. Mills(1948)
The Cumulation of Economic KnowledgeArthur F. Burns(1948)
The Statistical Agencies of the Federal Government: A Report to the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the GovernmentFrederick C. Mills and Clarence D. Long(1949)
Taxable and Business IncomeDan Throop Smith and J. Keith Butters(1949)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 11Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1949)
Problems in the Study of Economic GrowthUniversities-National Bureau(1949)
Lombard Street in War and ReconstructionBenjamin H. Higgins(1949)
The Rising Trend of Government EmploymentSolomon Fabricant(1949)
Costs and Returns on Farm Mortgage Lending by Life Insurance Companies, 1945-1947Raymond J. Saulnier(1949)
Wesley Mitchell and the National BureauArthur F. Burns(1949)
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