1950s NBER books

Inventories and Business Cycles, with Special Reference to Manufacturers' InventoriesMoses Abramovitz(1950)
Urban Mortgage Lending by Life Insurance CompaniesRaymond J. Saulnier(1950)
The Impact of Government on Real Estate Finance in the United StatesMiles L. Colean(1950)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 12Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1950)
Statistical Indicators of Cyclical Revivals and RecessionsGeoffrey H. Moore(1950)
Cyclical Diversities in the Fortunes of Industrial CorporationsThor Hultgren(1950)
Employment and Compensation in EducationGeorge J. Stigler(1950)
Behavior of Wage Rates during Business CyclesDaniel Creamer, assisted by Martin Bernstein(1950)
Shares of Upper Income Groups in Income and Savings (1950)Simon Kuznets(1950)
New Facts on Business CyclesArthur F. Burns(1950)
The Transportation Industries, 1889-1946: A Study of Output, Employment, and ProductivityHarold Barger (1951)
Deterioration in the Quality of Foreign Bonds Issued in the United States, 1920–1930Ilse Mintz(1951)
What Happens during Business Cycles: A Progress ReportWesley Clair Mitchell(1951)
The Nature and Tax Treatment of Capital Gains and LossesLawrence Howard Seltzer, assisted by Selma F. Goldsmith and M. Slade Kendrick(1951)
Corporate Income Retention, 1915-43Sergei P. Dobrovolsky (1951)
Urban Real Estate Markets: Characteristics and FinancingErnest M. Fisher(1951)
History and Policies of the Home Owners' Loan CorporationC. Lowell Harriss(1951)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 13Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1951)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 14Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1951)
Conference on Business CyclesUniversities-National Bureau(1951)
Looking Forward Arthur F. Burns(1951)
Wesley Clair Mitchell: The Economic ScientistArthur F. Burns, ed.(1952)
A Study of Moneyflows in the United StatesMorris A. Copeland(1952)
The Trend of Government Activity in the United States since 1900Solomon Fabricant, assisted by Robert E. Lipsey(1952)
Federal Grants and the Business CycleJames A. Maxwell (1952)
Commercial Bank Activities in Urban Mortgage FinancingCarl F. Behrens(1952)
Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 15Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1952)
Conference on Research in Business FinanceUniversities-National Bureau(1952)
The Labor Force in War and Transition: Four CountriesClarence D. Long(1952)
Trends and Cycles in Corporate Bond FinancingW. Braddock Hickman(1952)
Productivity and Economic ProgressFrederick C. Mills(1952)
Factors Affecting the Demand for Consumer Instalment Sales CreditAvram Kisselgoff (1952)
The Instability of Consumer SpendingArthur F. Burns(1952)
Shares of Upper Income Groups in Income and Savings (1953)Simon Kuznets, assisted by Elizabeth Jenks(1953)
The Volume of Corporate Bond Financing Since 1900W. Braddock Hickman(1953)
The Role of Federal Credit Aids in Residential ConstructionLeo Grebler(1953)
Transport and the State of Trade in BritainThor Hultgren and William I. Greenwald(1953)
A Study of Aggregate Consumption FunctionsRobert Ferber(1953)
Business Cycle Research and the Needs of Our TimesArthur F. Burns(1953)
Long-Range Economic ProjectionConference on Research in Income and Wealth(1954)
The Frontiers of Economic KnowledgeArthur F. Burns(1954)
Mortgage Lending Experience in AgricultureLawrence A. Jones and David Durand(1954)
Regularization of Business InvestmentUniversities-National Bureau(1954)
Capital and Output Trends in Manufacturing Industries, 1880-1948Daniel Creamer, assisted by Martin Bernstein(1954)
The Share of Financial Intermediaries in National Wealth and National Assets, 1900-1949Raymond W. Goldsmith(1954)
Trends and Cycles in Capital Formation by United States Railroads, 1870-1950Melville J. Ulmer(1954)
The Growth of Physical Capital in Agriculture, 1870-1950Alvin S. Tostlebe(1954)
Capital and Output Trends in Mining Industries, 1870-1948Israel Borenstein(1954)
Immigration and the Foreign BornSimon Kuznets and Ernest Rubin(1954)
The Volume of Residential Construction, 1889-1950David M. Blank(1954)
Factors Influencing Consumption: An Experimental Analysis of Shoe BuyingRuth P. Mack (1954)
Research in the Capital and Securities Markets Exploratory Committee on Research in Securities Markets(1954)
Economic Progress and Economic ChangeSolomon Fabricant(1954)
Distribution's Place in the American Economy since 1869Harold Barger(1955)
Short-Term Economic ForecastingConference on Research in Income and Wealth(1955)
Input-Output Analysis: An AppraisalConference on Research in Income and Wealth(1955)
Minimum Price Fixing in the Bituminous Coal IndustryWaldo E. Fisher and Charles M. James(1955)
Business Concentration and Price PolicyGeorge J. Stigler, Chairman, Universities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research(1955)
Capital Formation and Economic GrowthHarry Scherman, Chairman, Universities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research(1955)
The Ownership of Tax-Exempt Securities, 1913-1953George E. Lent(1955)
A Century and a Half of Federal ExpendituresM. Slade Kendrick, assisted by Mark Wehle(1955)
The Korean War and United States Economic Activity, 1950-1952Bert G. Hickman(1955)
Agricultural Equipment FinancingHoward G. Diesslin(1955)
Interest as a Source of Personal Income and Tax RevenueLawrence Howard Seltzer(1955)
Government in Economic LifeSolomon Fabricant(1955)
The Pattern of Financial Asset Ownership: Wisconsin Individuals, 1949Thomas R. Atkinson(1956)
Trends in Employment in the Service IndustriesGeorge J. Stigler(1956)
Personal Income during Business CyclesDaniel Creamer assisted by Martin Bernstein(1956)
Consumption and Business Fluctuations: A Case Study of the Shoe, Leather, Hide SequenceRuth P. Mack(1956)
Capital Formation in Residential Real Estate: Trends and ProspectsLeo Grebler, David M. Blank, and Louis Winnick(1956)
Policies to Combat DepressionUniversities-National Bureau(1956)
Urban Mortgage Lending: Comparative Markets and ExperienceJ. E. Morton(1956)
Resource and Output Trends in the United States since 1870Moses Abramovitz(1956)
Productivity Trends: Capital and LaborJohn W. Kendrick(1956)
Fiscal-Year Reporting for Corporate Income TaxWilliam Leonard Crum(1956)
Basic Research and the Analysis of Current Business Conditions, Thirty-sixth Annual ReportSolomon Fabricant(1956)
Basic Research and the Analysis of Current Business ConditionsSolomon Fabricant(1956)
The Measurement and Behavior of UnemploymentUniversities-National Bureau(1957)
The Growth of Public Employment in Great BritainMoses Abramovitz and Vera F. Eliasberg(1957)
Concentration in Canadian Manufacturing IndustriesGideon Rosenbluth(1957)
The Demand and Supply of Scientific PersonnelDavid M. Blank and George J. Stigler(1957)
A Theory of the Consumption FunctionMilton Friedman(1957)
Capital in Agriculture: Its Formation and Financing since 1870Alvin S. Tostlebe(1957)
Patterns of Farm Financial Structure: A Cross-Section View of Economic and Physical DeterminantsDonald C. Horton(1957)
Problems of Capital Formation: Concepts, Measurement, and Controlling FactorsConference on Research in Income and Wealth(1957)
Problems in the International Comparison of Economic AccountsThe Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1957)
Regional IncomeConference in Research in Income and Wealth(1957)
Bank Stock Prices and the Bank Capital ProblemDavid Durand(1957)
Some Observations on Soviet Industrial GrowthG. Warren Nutter(1957)
Distribution of Union Membership among the States, 1939 and 1953Leo Troy(1957)
Electronic Computers and Business IndicatorsJulius Shiskin(1957)
Federal Lending: Its Growth and ImpactRaymond J. Saulnier, Harold G. Halcrow, and Neil H. Jacoby(1957)
Financial Research and Problems of the DaySolomon Fabricant(1957)
Suggestions for Research in the Economics of PensionsDaniel Holland(1957)
A Critique of the United States Income and Product AccountsConference on Research in Income and Wealth(1958)
An Appraisal of the 1950 Census Income DataConference on Research in Income and Wealth(1958)
The National Economic Accounts of the United States: Review, Appraisal, and RecommendationsNational Accounts Review Committee(1958)
The Labor Force under Changing Income and EmploymentClarence D. Long(1958)
Financial Intermediaries in the American Economy since 1900Raymond W. Goldsmith(1958)
Corporate Bond Quality and Investor ExperienceW. Braddock Hickman(1958)
Federal Lending and Loan InsuranceRaymond J. Saulnier, Harold G. Halcrow, and Neil H. Jacoby(1958)
Measuring RecessionsGeoffrey H. Moore(1958)
The Demand for Currency Relative to Total Money SupplyPhilip Cagan(1958)
Seasonal Adjustments by Electronic Computer MethodsJulius Shiskin and Harry Eisenpress(1958)
The Volume of Mortgage Debt in the Postwar DecadeSaul B. Klaman(1958)
The Income Tax Burden on StockholdersDaniel M. Holland(1958)
Investing in Economic KnowledgeSolomon Fabricant(1958)
Merger Movements in American Industry, 1895-1956Ralph L. Nelson(1959)
International Financial Transactions and Business CyclesOskar Morgenstern(1959)
The Postwar Rise of Mortgage CompaniesSaul B. Klaman(1959)
Basic Facts on Productivity ChangeSolomon Fabricant(1959)
The Role of Middleman Transactions in World TradeRobert M. Lichtenberg(1959)
Freight Transportation in the Soviet Union: A Comparison with the United StatesErnest W. Williams, Jr.(1959)
City Expenditures in the United StatesHarvey E. Brazer(1959)
Trade Balances during Business Cycles: U.S. and Britain since 1880Ilse Mintz(1959)
The Demand for Money: Some Theoretical and Empirical ResultsMilton Friedman(1959)
The Average Workweek as an Economic IndicatorGerhard Bry(1959)
Consumer Expectations, Plans, and Purchases: A Progress ReportF. Thomas Juster(1959)
The Comparative Study of Economic Growth and StructureRaymond W. Goldsmith(1959)
The Study of Economic GrowthSolomon Fabricant(1959)
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