1960s NBER books

Federal Receipts and Expenditures during Business Cycles, 1879-1958John M. Firestone(1960)
Statistical Measures of Corporate Bond Financing since 1900W. Braddock Hickman assisted by Elizabeth T. Simpson(1960)
Wages and Earnings in the United States, 1860-1890Clarence D. Long(1960)
Wages in Germany, 1871-1945Gerhard Bry assisted by Charlotte Boschan(1960)
Soviet Statistics of Physical Output of Industrial Commodities: Their Compilation and QualityGregory Grossman(1960)
Capital in Transportation, Communications, and Public Utilities: Its Formation and FinancingMelville J. Ulmer(1960)
Postwar Market for State and Local Government SecuritiesRoland Robinson(1960)
Capital in Manufacturing and Mining: Its Formation and FinancingDaniel Creamer, Sergei Dobrovolsky, and Israel Borenstein, assisted by Martin Bernstein(1960)
Personal Deductions in the Federal Income TaxC. Harry Kahn(1960)
Trends in the American Economy in the Nineteenth CenturyThe Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1960)
The Quality and Economic Significance of Anticipations DataUniversities-National Bureau(1960)
Demographic and Economic Change in Developed CountriesGeorge B. Roberts, Chairman, Universities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research(1960)
Changes in the Share of Wealth Held by Top Wealth-Holders, 1922-1956Robert J. Lampman(1960)
Housing Issues in Economic Stabilization PolicyLeo Grebler(1960)
Regional Cycles of Manufacturing Employment in the United States, 1914-1953George H. Borts(1960)
Changes in Labor Cost during Cycles in Production and BusinessThor Hultgren(1960)
New Measures of Wage-Earner Compensation in Manufacturing, 1914-57Albert Rees(1960)
A Respect for FactsSolomon Fabricant(1960)
Real Wages in Manufacturing, 1890-1914Albert Rees, assisted by Donald P. Jacobs(1961)
Productivity Trends in the United StatesJohn W. Kendrick, assisted by Maude R. Pech(1961)
The Growth of Public Expenditure in the United KingdomAlan T. Peacock, and Jack Wiseman(1961)
The Price Statistics of the Federal GovermentPrice Statistics Review Committee(1961)
Business Cycle Indicators, Volume 1Geoffrey H. Moore, ed.(1961)
Business Cycle Indicators, Volume 2, Basic Data on Cyclical IndicatorsGeoffrey H. Moore, ed.(1961)
Output, Input, and Productivity MeasurementThe Conference on Research in Income and Wealth(1961)
Trends in Government FinancingMorris A. Copeland(1961)
The Postwar Residential Mortgage MarketSaul B. Klaman(1961)
Capital in the American Economy: Its Formation and FinancingSimon Kuznets, assisted by Elizabeth Jenks(1961)
Public Finances: Needs, Sources, and UtilizationUniversities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research(1961)
American Exports during Business Cycles, 1879–1958Ilse Mintz(1961)
Industrial Demands upon the Money Market, 1919-57: A Study in Fund-Flow AnalysisWilson F. Payne(1961)
Methods for Improving World Transportation Accounts, Applied to 1950-1953Herman F. Karreman(1961)
Signals of Recession and Recovery: An Experiment with Monthly ReportingJulius Shiskin(1961)
Towards A Firmer Basis Of Economic PolicySolomon Fabricant(1961)
The Share of Top Wealth-Holders in National Wealth, 1922-56Robert J. Lampman(1962)
Growth of Industrial Production in the Soviet UnionG. Warren Nutter assisted by Israel Borenstein and Adam Kaufman(1962)
Freight Transportation in the Soviet Union, Including Comparisons with the United StatesErnest W. Williams, Jr.(1962)
Diversification and Integration in American IndustryMichael Gort (1962)
Postwar Cycles in Manufacturers' InventoriesThomas M. Stanback, Jr. (1962)
The National Wealth of the United States in the Postwar PeriodRaymond W. Goldsmith(1962)
The Flow-of Funds Approach to Social Accounting: Appraisals, Analysis, and ApplicationsConference on Research in Income and Wealth(1962)
The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity: Economic and Social FactorsUniversities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research, Committee on Economic Growth of the Social Science Research Council(1962)
Aspects of Labor EconomicsUniversities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research(1962)
The Postwar Rise in the Velocity of Money: A Sectoral AnalysisRichard T. Selden(1962)
The American Baby Boom in Historical PerspectiveRichard A. Easterlin(1962)
Small-Scale Industry in the Soviet UnionAdam Kaufman(1962)
The United States Savings Bond Program in the Postwar PeriodGeorge Hanc(1962)
The Quality of Bank Loans: A Study of Bank Examination RecordsAlbert M. Wojnilower(1962)
Cost of Providing Consumer Credit: A Study of Four Major Types of Financial InstitutionsPaul F. Smith(1962)
The Interpolation of Time Series by Related SeriesMilton Friedman(1962)
Dividends Under the Income TaxDaniel M. Holland(1962)
Philanthropy and Public PolicyFrank G. Dickinson, editor(1962)
Unfilled Orders, Price Changes, and Business FluctuationsVictor Zarnowitz(1962)
Tested Knowledge of Business CyclesNBER(1962)
Investment in Human BeingsUniversities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research(1962)
Studies in the National Balance Sheet of the United States, Volume 1Raymond W. Goldsmith and Robert E. Lipsey(1963)
Studies in the National Balance Sheet of the United States, Volume 2Raymond W. Goldsmith, Robert E. Lipsey, and Morris Mendelson(1963)
A Monetary History of the United States, 1867–1960Milton Friedman and Anna J. Schwartz(1963)
Capital and Rates of Return in Manufacturing IndustriesGeorge J. Stigler(1963)
Problems of the United States as World Trader and BankerHal B. Lary(1963)
Price and Quantity Trends in the Foreign Trade of the United StatesRobert E. Lipsey(1963)
Trends and Cycles in the Commercial Paper MarketRichard T. Selden(1963)
New-Automobile Finance Rates, 1924–62Robert P. Shay(1963)
The Uses of Economic Research, 43rd Annual Report, A Record for 1962 and Plans for 1963NBER(1963)
Business and Professional Income Under the Personal Income TaxC. Harry Kahn(1964)
Consumer Credit Costs, 1949–59Paul F. Smith(1964)
Anticipations and Purchases: An Analysis of Consumer BehaviorF. Thomas Juster(1964)
The Behavior of Income Shares: Selected Theoretical and Empirical IssuesConference on Research in Income and Wealth(1964)
Models of Income DeterminationConference on Research in Income and Wealth(1964)
Measuring the Nation's WealthWealth Inventory Planning Study(1964)
The Quality of Trade CreditMartin H. Seiden(1964)
Consumer Sensitivity to Finance Rates: An Empirical and Analytical InvestigationF. Thomas Juster and Robert P. Shay(1964)
Productivity Trends in the Goods and Service Sectors, 1929–61: A Preliminary SurveyVictor R. Fuchs(1964)
Evidences of Long Swings in Aggregate Construction Since the Civil WarMoses Abramovitz(1964)
Estimates of Residential Building, United States, 1840–1939Manuel Gottlieb(1964)
The Measurement of Corporate Sources and Uses of FundsDavid Meiselman and Eli Shapiro(1964)
The Role of Direct and Indirect Taxes in the Federal Reserve SystemNBER and The Brookings Institution(1964)
The National Bureau Enters Its Forty-fifth YearNBER(1964)
Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis with Special Reference to Education, First EditionGary S. Becker(1964)
Research in the Capital MarketsExploratory Committee on Research in the Capital Markets(1964)
The Great Contraction, 1929–33Milton Friedman and Anna J. Schwartz(1965)
Determinants and Effects of Changes in the Stock of Money, 1875–1960Philip Cagan(1965)
Cost, Prices, and Profits: Their Cyclical RelationsThor Hultgren, assisted by Maude R. Pech(1965)
The Flow of Capital Funds in the Postwar EconomyRaymond W. Goldsmith(1965)
Consumer Credit Finance Charges: Rate Information and QuotationWallace P. Mors(1965)
The State of Monetary EconomicsUniversities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research(1965)
Transportation EconomicsUniversities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research(1965)
The Cyclical Behavior of the Term Structure of Interest RatesReuben A. Kessel(1965)
Trade Union Membership, 1897–1962Leo Troy(1965)
Financial Adjustments to UnemploymentPhilip A. Klein(1965)
Measuring International Price Competitiveness: A Preliminary ReportIrving B. Kravis, Robert E. Lipsey, and Philip J. Bourque(1965)
The Effect of Pension Plans on Aggregate Saving: Evidence from a Sample SurveyPhilip Cagan(1965)
The Growing Importance of the Service IndustriesVictor R. Fuchs(1965)
The Task of EconomicsSolomon Fabricant(1965)
The Behavior of Interest Rates: A Progress ReportJoseph W. Conard(1966)
Source Book of Statistics Relating to ConstructionRobert E. Lipsey and Doris Preston(1966)
Household Capital Formation and Financing, 1897–1962F. Thomas Juster(1966)
Measuring Transactions between World AreasHerbert B. Woolley(1966)
Output, Employment, and Productivity in the United States after 1800Dorothy S. Brady, editor(1966)
Private Pension Funds: Projected GrowthDaniel M. Holland(1966)
Comparative Prices of Nonferrous Metals in International Trade, 1953–64Irving B. Kravis, and Robert E. Lipsey(1966)
Consumer Buying Intentions and Purchase Probability: An Experiment in Survey DesignF. Thomas Juster(1966)
Changes in the Cyclical Behavior of Interest RatesPhillip Cagan(1966)
Foreign Tax Policies and Economic GrowthNBER and The Brookings Institution(1966)
The Measurement and Interpretation of Job VacanciesNBER(1966)
Anticipating the Nation's Needs For Economic KnowledgeNBER(1966)
Accelerated Depreciation in the United States, 1954–60Norman B. Ture(1967)
Trends in Corporate Bond QualityThomas R. Atkinson, assisted by Elizabeth T. Simpson(1967)
Determinants of Investment BehaviorRobert Ferber, editor(1967)
National Economic PlanningMax F. Millikan, editor(1967)
Yields on Corporate Debt Directly PlacedAvery B. Cohan(1967)
Cyclical Fluctuations in the Exports of the United States since 1879Ilse Mintz(1967)
Information, Expectations, and Inventory Fluctuations: A Study of Materials Stock on Hand and on OrderRuth P. Mack(1967)
The Quality of Consumer Instalment CreditGeoffrey H. Moore and Philip A. Klein(1967)
The Theory and Empirical Analysis of ProductionMurray Brown, editor(1967)
Issues in Defense EconomicsRoland N. McKean, editor(1967)
Differentials in Hourly Earnings by Region and City Size, 1959Victor R. Fuchs(1967)
Productivity Differences within the Service SectorVictor R. Fuchs and Jean Alexander Wilburn(1967)
Indicators of Business Expansions and ContractionsGeoffrey H. Moore and Julius Shiskin(1967)
An Appraisal of Short-Term Economic ForecastsVictor Zarnowitz(1967)
Contributions to Economic Knowledge Through ResearchNBER(1967)
Economic Aspects of PensionsRoger F. Murray(1968)
Population, Labor Force, and Long Swings in Economic Growth: The American ExperienceRichard A. Easterlin(1968)
The Service EconomyVictor R. Fuchs, assisted by Irving F. Leveson(1968)
Forecasting and Recognizing Business Cycle Turning PointsRendigs Fels and C. Elton Hinshaw(1968)
Employee Compensation under the Income TaxC. Harry Kahn(1968)
Executive Compensation in Large Industrial CorporationsWilbur G. Lewellen(1968)
The Personal Exemptions in the Income TaxLawrence Howard Seltzer(1968)
Imports of Manufactures from Less Developed CountriesHal B. Lary(1968)
The Industrial Composition of Income and ProductJohn W. Kendrick, editor(1968)
Pension Funds of Multiemployer Industrial Groups, Unions, and Nonprofit OrganizationsH. Robert Bartell and Elizabeth T. Simpson(1968)
Balance-of-Payments Adjustment Policies: Japan, Germany, and the NetherlandsMichael Michaely(1968)
Some Measures of the Quality of Agricultural CreditGeorge K. Brinegar and Lyle P. Fettig(1968)
NBER Report OneNBER(1968)
Supplement to NBER Report OneJulius Shiskin and Geoffrey H. Moore(1968)
Supplement to NBER Report ThreeVictor R. Fuchs(1968)
NBER Report TwoNBER(1968)
Supplement to NBER Report TwoHal B. Lary(1968)
Toward Improved Social and Economic MeasurementNBER(1968)
NBER Report ThreeNBER(1968)
Supplement to NBER Report FourVictor Zarnowitz(1968)
The Business Cycle in a Changing WorldArthur F. Burns(1969)
Essays on Interest Rates, Volume 1Jack M. Guttentag and Phillip Cagan, editors(1969)
Economic Forecasts and Expectations: Analysis of Forecasting Behavior and PerformanceJacob A. Mincer, editor(1969)
Tax Changes and Modernization in the Textile IndustryThomas M. Stanback, Jr.(1969)
Six Papers on the Size Distribution of Wealth and IncomeLee Soltow, editor(1969)
Production and Productivity in the Service IndustriesVictor R. Fuchs, editor(1969)
Dating Postwar Business Cycles: Methods and Their Application to Western Germany, 1950–67Ilse Mintz(1969)
Errors in Provisional Estimates of Gross National ProductRosanne Cole(1969)
NBER Report FourNBER(1969)
New Challenges for Economic ResearchNBER(1969)
NBER Report FiveNBER(1969)
Supplement to NBER Report FiveJohn R. Meyer(1969)
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