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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2020Monetary Policy and Asset Price Overshooting: A Rationale for the Wall/Main Street Disconnect
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w27712
June 2020Monetary Policy with Opinionated Markets
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w27313
April 2020Asset Prices and Aggregate Demand in a "Covid-19" Shock: A Model of Endogenous Risk Intolerance and LSAPs
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w27044
June 2019Prudential Monetary Policy
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w25977
Stock Market Wealth and the Real Economy: A Local Labor Market Approach
with Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Plamen T. Nenov: w25959
March 2018Reach for Yield and Fickle Capital Flows
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w24400

Published: Ricardo J. Caballero & Alp Simsek, 2018. "Reach for Yield and Fickle Capital Flows," AEA Papers and Proceedings, vol 108, pages 493-98. citation courtesy of

December 2017Should Retail Investors' Leverage Be Limited?
with Rawley Z. Heimer: w24176

Published: Rawley Heimer & Alp Simsek, 2018. "Should Retail Investors’ Leverage Be Limited?," Journal of Financial Economics, .

July 2017A Risk-centric Model of Demand Recessions and Speculation
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w23614

Published: Ricardo J Caballero & Alp Simsek, 2020. "A Risk-Centric Model of Demand Recessions and Speculation*," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol 135(3), pages 1493-1566. citation courtesy of

October 2016A Model of Fickle Capital Flows and Retrenchment
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w22751

Published: Ricardo J. Caballero & Alp Simsek, 2020. "A Model of Fickle Capital Flows and Retrenchment," Journal of Political Economy, vol 128(6), pages 2288-2328.

May 2016Durability, Deadline, and Election Effects in Bargaining
with Muhamet Yildiz: w22284
October 2015The Choice Channel of Financial Innovation
with Felipe S. Iachan, Plamen T. Nenov: w21686
November 2014A Welfare Criterion for Models with Distorted Beliefs
with Markus K. Brunnermeier, Wei Xiong: w20691

Published: Markus K. Brunnermeier & Alp Simsek & Wei Xiong, 2014. "A Welfare Criterion For Models With Distorted Beliefs," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford University Press, vol. 129(4), pages 1753-1797. citation courtesy of

October 2014Investment Hangover and the Great Recession
with Matthew Rognlie, Andrei Shleifer: w20569

Published: Matthew Rognlie & Andrei Shleifer & Alp Simsek, 2018. "Investment Hangover and the Great Recession," American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, vol 10(2), pages 113-153. citation courtesy of

March 2014Liquidity Trap and Excessive Leverage
with Anton Korinek: w19970

Published: Anton Korinek & Alp Simsek, 2016. "Liquidity Trap and Excessive Leverage," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 106(3), pages 699-738, March. citation courtesy of

October 2011Speculation and Risk Sharing with New Financial Assets

Published: “Speculation and Risk Sharing with New Financial Assets,” Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 128-3, p.1365-1396.

November 2009Fire Sales in a Model of Complexity
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w15479

Published: “Fire Sales in a Model of Complexity,” The Journal of Finance (68): 2549-2587, December 2013 (with Alp Simsek). citation courtesy of

May 2009Complexity and Financial Panics
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w14997
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