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NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2020Information and the Persistence of the Gender Wage Gap: Early Evidence from California's Salary History Ban
with Drew McNichols: w27054
July 2019The Minimum Legal Drinking Age and Crime Victimization
with Aaron Chalfin, Rachel Ryley: w26051
May 2019Reducing Crime Through Environmental Design: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment of Street Lighting in New York City
with Aaron Chalfin, Jason Lerner, Lucie Parker: w25798
March 2019Administrative Data Linking and Statistical Power Problems in Randomized Experiments
with Sarah Tahamont, Zubin Jelveh, Aaron Chalfin, Shi Yan: w25657
March 2018Early Evidence on Recreational Marijuana Legalization and Traffic Fatalities
with Keaton S. Miller, Caroline Weber: w24417

Published: Benjamin Hansen & Keaton Miller & Caroline Weber, 2020. "EARLY EVIDENCE ON RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION AND TRAFFIC FATALITIES," Economic Inquiry, vol 58(2), pages 547-568.

August 2017Federalism, Partial Prohibition, and Cross-Border Sales: Evidence from Recreational Marijuana
with Keaton Miller, Caroline Weber: w23762

Published: Benjamin Hansen & Keaton Miller & Caroline Weber, 2020. "Federalism, partial prohibition, and cross-border sales: Evidence from recreational marijuana," Journal of Public Economics, vol 187.

July 2017The Taxation of Recreational Marijuana: Evidence from Washington State
with Keaton Miller, Caroline Weber: w23632
August 2016Legal Access to Alcohol and Criminality
with Glen R. Waddell: w22568

Published: Benjamin Hansen & Glen R. Waddell, 2017. "Legal Access to Alcohol and Criminality," Journal of Health Economics, . citation courtesy of

July 2016Does “Ban the Box” Help or Hurt Low-Skilled Workers? Statistical Discrimination and Employment Outcomes When Criminal Histories are Hidden
with Jennifer L. Doleac: w22469
June 2015Cigarette Taxes and Youth Smoking: Updated Estimates Using YRBS Data
with Joseph J. Sabia, Daniel I. Rees: w21311

Published: Have Cigarette Taxes Lost Their Bite? New Estimates of the Relationship between Cigarette Taxes and Youth Smoking Benjamin Hansen , Joseph J. Sabia , and Daniel I. Rees American Journal of Health Economics 2017 3:1, 60-75

July 2014Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use
with D. Mark Anderson, Daniel I. Rees: w20332

Published: D. Mark Anderson & Benjamin Hansen & Daniel I. Rees, 2015. "Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use," American Law and Economics Review, Oxford University Press, vol. 17(2), pages 495-528. citation courtesy of

June 2014Punishment and Deterrence: Evidence from Drunk Driving

Published: Benjamin Hansen, 2015. "Punishment and Deterrence: Evidence from Drunk Driving," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 105(4), pages 1581-1617, April. citation courtesy of

April 2013Caution! Men Not at Work: Gender-Specific Labor Market Conditions and Child Maltreatment
with Jason M. Lindo, Jessamyn Schaller: w18994

Published: Jason M. Lindo & Jessamyn Schaller & Benjamin Hansen, 2018. "Caution! Men not at work: Gender-specific labor market conditions and child maltreatment," Journal of Public Economics, . citation courtesy of

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