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NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2019Identification of a Class of Health-Outcome Distributions under a Common Form of Partial Data Observability
November 2018Treatment Effects with Multiple Outcomes
July 2017Individual Results May Vary: Elementary Analytics of Inequality-Probability Bounds, with Applications to Health-Outcome Treatment Effects
August 2016Healthy-Time Measures of Health Outcomes and Healthcare Quality
with Marguerite Burns: w22562
September 2015Estimation of Multivariate Probit Models via Bivariate Probit

Published: John Mullahy, 2016. "Estimation of Multivariate Probit Models via Bivariate Probit," The Stata Journal: Promoting communications on statistics and Stata, vol 16(1), pages 37-51.

November 2011Marginal Effects in Multivariate Probit and Kindred Discrete and Count Outcome Models, with Applications in Health Economics
September 2010Multivariate Fractional Regression Estimation of Econometric Share Models
November 2008Tobit at Fifty: A Brief History of Tobin's Remarkable Estimator, of Related Empirical Methods, and of Limited Dependent Variable Econometrics in Health Economics
with Kohei Enami: w14512

Published: Kohei Enami & John Mullahy, 2009. "Tobit at fifty: a brief history of Tobin's remarkable estimator, of related empirical methods, and of limited dependent variable econometrics in health economics," Health Economics, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., vol. 18(6), pages 619-628. citation courtesy of

No Time to Lose? Time Constraints and Physical Activity
with Stephanie A. Robert: w14513

Published: Review of Economics of the Household December 2010, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 409-432 No time to lose: time constraints and physical activity in the production of health John Mullahy, Stephanie A. Robert

May 2006Econometric Risk Adjustment, Endogeneity, and Extrapolation Bias
October 2003Generalized Modeling Approaches to Risk Adjustment of Skewed Outcomes Data
with Willard G. Manning, Anirban Basu: t0293

Published: Manning, Willard G., Anirban Basu and John Mullahy. "Generalized Modeling Approaches To Risk Adjustment Of Skewed Outcomes Data," Journal of Health Economics, 2005, v24(3,May), 465-488.

September 2000Live Long, Live Well: Quantifying the Health of Heterogenous Populations

Published: John Mullahy, 2001. "Live long, live well: quantifying the health of heterogeneous populations," Health Economics, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., vol. 10(5), pages 429-440. citation courtesy of

November 1999Interaction Effects and Difference-in-Difference Estimation in Loglinear Models
Estimating Log Models: To Transform or Not to Transform?
with Willard G. Manning: t0246

Published: Manning, Willard G. and John Mullahy. "Estimating Log Models: To Transform Or Not To Transform?," Journal of Health Economics, 2001, v20(4,Jul), 461-494.

April 1998It'll Only Hurt a Second? Microeconomic Determinants of Who Gets Flu Shots

Published: John Mullahy, 1999. "It'll only hurt a second? Microeconomic determinants of who gets flu shots," Health Economics, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., vol. 8(1), pages 9-24. citation courtesy of

March 1998Net Health Benefits: A New Framework for the Analysis of Uncertainty in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
with Aaron A. Stinnett: t0227
Much Ado About Two: Reconsidering Retransformation and the Two-Part Model in Health Economics

Published: Mullahy, John. "Much Ado Abut Two: Reconsidering Retransformation And The Two-Part Model In Health Econometrics," Journal of Health Economics, 1998, v17(3,Jun), 247-281.

May 1995Employment, Unemployment, and Problem Drinking
with Jody L. Sindelar: w5123

Published: Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 15 (1996): 409-434. citation courtesy of

February 1994Health, Income, and Risk Aversion: Assessing Some Welfare Costs of Alcoholism and Poor Health
with Jody L. Sindelar: w4649

Published: Journal of Human Resources, vol XXX, no. 3, Summer 1995, pp 439-459 citation courtesy of

November 1991Alcoholism, Work, and Income Over the Life Cycle
with Jody L. Sindelar: w3909

Published: "Alcoholism, Work and Income," Journal of Labor Economics, Volume 11, No. 3(1993): 494-520.

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