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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2020The Association Between Educational Attainment and Longevity using Individual Level Data from the 1940 Census
with Adriana Lleras-Muney, Dahai Yue: w27514
May 2020The Winners and Losers of Immigration: Evidence from Linked Historical Data
with Christian vom Lehn, Riley Wilson: w27156
September 2019Combining Family History and Machine Learning to Link Historical Records
with Kasey Buckles, Jacob Van Leeuwen, Isaac Riley: w26227
August 2014Affirmative Action and Human Capital Investment: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
with Christopher Cotton, Brent R. Hickman: w20397


December 2013Awareness Reduces Racial Bias
with Devin G. Pope, Justin Wolfers: w19765

Published: Devin G. Pope & Joseph Price & Justin Wolfers, 2018. "Awareness Reduces Racial Bias," Management Science, vol 64(11), pages 4988-4995. citation courtesy of

October 2011Sticking with What (Barely) Worked
with Lars Lefgren, Brennan Platt: w17477
October 2010The Gender Gap Cracks Under Pressure: A Detailed Look at Male and Female Performance Differences During Competitions
with Christopher Cotton, Frank McIntyre: w16436
January 2010Pay-to-Bid Auctions
with Brennan C. Platt, Henry Tappen: w15695

Published: The Role of Risk Preferences in Pay-to-Bid Auctions Autores: Brennan C. Platt, Joseph Price, Henry Tappen Localización: Management science: journal of the Institute for operations research and the management sciences, ISSN 0025-1909, Vol. 59, Nº. 9, 2013, págs. 2117-2134

July 2009Changing the Price of Marriage: Evidence from Blood Test Requirements
with Kasey S. Buckles, Melanie E. Guldi: w15161

Published: Kasey Buckles & Melanie Guldi & Joseph Price, 2011. "Changing the Price of Marriage: Evidence from Blood Test Requirements," Journal of Human Resources, University of Wisconsin Press, vol. 46(3), pages 539-567. citation courtesy of

February 2009Interracial Workplace Cooperation: Evidence from the NBA
with Lars Lefgren, Henry Tappen: w14749

Published: Joseph Price & Lars Lefgren & Henry Tappen, 2013. "Interracial Workplace Cooperation: Evidence From The Nba," Economic Inquiry, Western Economic Association International, vol. 51(1), pages 1026-1034, 01. citation courtesy of

June 2007Racial Discrimination Among NBA Referees
with Justin Wolfers: w13206

Published: Joseph Price & Justin Wolfers, 2010. "Racial Discrimination Among NBA Referees," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, MIT Press, vol. 125(4), pages 1859-1887, November. citation courtesy of

March 2006Inside the Black Box of Doctoral Education: What Program Characteristics Influence Doctoral Students' Attrition and Graduation Probabilities?
with Ronald G. Ehrenberg, George Jakubson, Jeffrey Groen, Eric So: w12065

Published: Ehrenberg, R., G. Jakubson, J. Groen, E. So, and J. Price. “Inside the Black Box of Doctoral Education: What Program Characteristics Influence Doctoral Students Attention and Graduation Probabilities.” Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis (June 2007).

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