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NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2020Man vs. Machine Learning: The Term Structure of Earnings Expectations and Conditional Biases
with Xiao Han, Alejandro Lopez-Lira: w27843
June 2020The Effectiveness of Life-Preserving Investments in Times of COVID-19
with Christian C. Opp: w27382
Duration-Based Stock Valuation
August 2019Risk-Free Interest Rates
with William F. Diamond, Marco Grotteria: w26138
August 2017Regulation of Charlatans in High-Skill Professions
with Jonathan B. Berk: w23696
March 2017Real Anomalies
with Christian C. Opp: w23238

Published: JULES H. van BINSBERGEN & CHRISTIAN C. OPP, 2019. "Real Anomalies," The Journal of Finance, vol 74(4), pages 1659-1706. citation courtesy of

June 2015The Term Structure of Returns: Facts and Theory
with Ralph S.J. Koijen: w21234

Published: Jules H. van Binsbergen & Ralph S.J. Koijen, 2017. "The term structure of returns: Facts and theory," Journal of Financial Economics, vol 124(1), pages 1-21. citation courtesy of

October 2014Financial Valuation of PBGC Insurance with Market-Implied Default Probabilities
with Robert Novy-Marx, Joshua Rauh
in Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 28, Jeffrey R. Brown, editor
August 2014Assessing Asset Pricing Models Using Revealed Preference
with Jonathan B. Berk: w20435

Published: Jonathan B. Berk & Jules H. van Binsbergen, 2016. "Assessing asset pricing models using revealed preference," Journal of Financial Economics, vol 119(1), pages 1-23. citation courtesy of

May 2014Matching Capital and Labor
with Jonathan B. Berk, Binying Liu: w20138

Published: JONATHAN B. BERK & JULES H. van BINSBERGEN & BINYING LIU, 2017. "Matching Capital and Labor," The Journal of Finance, vol 72(6), pages 2467-2504. citation courtesy of

June 2012Measuring Managerial Skill in the Mutual Fund Industry
with Jonathan B. Berk: w18184
September 2011Equity Yields
with Wouter Hueskes, Ralph Koijen, Evert B. Vrugt: w17416

Published: van Binsbergen, Jules & Hueskes, Wouter & Koijen, Ralph & Vrugt, Evert, 2013. "Equity yields," Journal of Financial Economics, Elsevier, vol. 110(3), pages 503-519. citation courtesy of

October 2010On the Timing and Pricing of Dividends
with Michael W. Brandt, Ralph S.J. Koijen: w16455

Published: Jules van Binsbergen & Michael Brandt & Ralph Koijen, 2012. "On the Timing and Pricing of Dividends," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 102(4), pages 1596-1618, June. citation courtesy of

August 2010Predictive Regressions: A Present-value Approach
with Ralph S.J. Koijen: w16263

Published: van Binsbergen, Jules H. and Ralph S.J. Koijen, Predictive Regressions: A Present-Value Approach, Journal of Finance, August 2010, 65(4), 1439-1471. citation courtesy of

May 2010The Cost of Debt
with John Graham, Jie Yang: w16023

van Binsbergen, Jules H., John R. Graham, and Jie Yang, “The Cost of Debt,” Journal of Finance, forthcoming December 2010. citation courtesy of

April 2010The Term Structure of Interest Rates in a DSGE Model with Recursive Preferences
with Jesús Fernández-Villaverde, Ralph S.J. Koijen, Juan F. Rubio-Ramírez: w15890

Published: van Binsbergen, Jules H. & Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús & Koijen, Ralph S.J. & Rubio-Ramírez, Juan, 2012. "The term structure of interest rates in a DSGE model with recursive preferences," Journal of Monetary Economics, Elsevier, vol. 59(7), pages 634-648. citation courtesy of

March 2007Optimal Asset Allocation in Asset Liability Management
with Michael W. Brandt: w12970
April 2006Optimal Decentralized Investment Management
with Michael W. Brandt, Ralph S.J. Koijen: w12144

Published: van Binsbergen, Jules H., Michael W. Brandt, and Ralph S.J. Koijen, Optimal Decentralized Investment Managament, Journal of Finance 63(4) (2008): 1849-1895. citation courtesy of

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