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NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2014Incentive Regulation in Theory and Practice: Electricity Distribution and Transmission Networks
in Economic Regulation and Its Reform: What Have We Learned?, Nancy L. Rose, editor
May 2004Reliability and Competitive Electricity Markets
with Jean Tirole: w10472

Published: Joskow, Paul and Jean Tirole. "Reliability and Competitive Electricity Markets." RAND Journal of Economics 38, 1 (Spring 2007): 60-84. citation courtesy of

Retail Electricity Competition
with Jean Tirole: w10473

Published: Joskow, Paul and Jean Tirole. "Retail Electricity Competition." RAND Journal of Economics 37, 4 (Winter 2006): 799-815. citation courtesy of

March 2003Merchant Transmission Investment
with Jean Tirole: w9534

Published: Joskow, Paul and Jean Tirole. "Merchant Transmission Investment," Journal of Industrial Economics, 2005, v53(2,Jun), 233-264. citation courtesy of

September 2001U.S. Energy Policy During the 1990s
August 2001California's Electricity Crisis

Published: Paul L. Joskow, 2001. "California's Electricity Crisis," Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Oxford University Press, vol. 17(3), pages 365-388. citation courtesy of

March 2001A Quantitative Analysis of Pricing Behavior in California's Wholesale Electricity Market During Summer 2000
with Edward Kahn: w8157

Published: Joskow, Paul L. and Edward Kahn. "A Quantitative Analysis Of Pricing Behavior In California's Wholesale Electricity Market During Summer 2000," Energy Journal, 2002, v23(4), 1-36. citation courtesy of

September 1996Auction Design and the Market for Sulfur Dioxide Emissions
with Richard Schmalensee, Elizabeth M. Bailey: w5745

Published: (Published as "The Market for Sulfur Dioxide Emissions) American Economic Review, Vol. 88, no. 4 (September 1998): 669-685.

December 1994CEO Pay and Firm Performance: Dynamics, Asymmetries, and Alternative Performance Measures
with Nancy L. Rose: w4976
Political Constraints on Executive Compensation: Evidence from the Electric Utility Industry
with Nancy L. Rose, Catherin D. Wolfram: w4980

Published: RAND Journal of Economics, Spring 1996, 27(1):165-182. citation courtesy of

January 1994Economic Regulation
with Roger Noll, William Niskanen, Elizabeth E. Bailey
in American Economic Policy in the 1980s, Martin Feldstein, editor
November 1993Regulatory Constraints on CEO Compensation
with Nancy Rose, Andrea Shepard: r1825

Published: Brookings Papers on Economic Activity - Microeconomics, pp. 1-58 and 70-72, (1993)

August 1988The Diffusion of New Technologies: Evidence From the Electric Utility Industry
with Nancy L. Rose: w2676

Published: Rand Journal of Economics, Autumn, 1990, pp. 354-373 citation courtesy of

1981Regulation in Theory and Practice: An Overview
with Roger G. Noll
in Studies in Public Regulation, Gary Fromm, editor
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