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NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2018The School-Entry-Age Rule Affects Redshirting Patterns and Resulting Disparities in Achievement
with Songman Kang: w24492
January 2014The (Surprising) Efficacy of Academic and Behavioral Intervention with Disadvantaged Youth: Results from a Randomized Experiment in Chicago
with Kenneth Dodge, George Farkas, Roland G. Fryer, Jr, Jonathan Guryan, Jens Ludwig, Susan Mayer, Harold Pollack, Laurence Steinberg: w19862
February 2013Birthdays, Schooling, and Crime: New Evidence on the Dropout-Crime Nexus
with Songman Kang: w18791

Published: Cook, Philip J., and Songman Kang. 2016. "Birthdays, Schooling, and Crime: Regression-Discontinuity Analysis of School Performance, Delinquency, Dropout, and Crime Initiation." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8(1): 33-57.

December 2011The Virtuous Tax: Lifesaving and Crime-Prevention Effects of the 1991 Federal Alcohol-Tax Increase
with Christine Piette Durrance: w17709

Published: P.J. Cook and C.P. Durrance. "The virtuous tax: Lifesaving and crime-prevention effects of the 1991 federal alcohol-tax." Journal of Health Economics 32 (2013): 261-267. citation courtesy of

December 2010Gun Control after "Heller": Litigating against Regulation
with Jens Ludwig, Adam Samaha
in Regulation vs. Litigation: Perspectives from Economics and Law, Daniel P. Kessler, editor
November 2010Economical Crime Control
with Jens Ludwig: w16513
August 2010The Role of Private Action in Controlling Crime
with John MacDonald
in Controlling Crime: Strategies and Tradeoffs, Philip Cook, Jens Ludwig, Justin McCrary, editors
July 2010Comment on "What Do Economists Know about Crime?"
in The Economics of Crime: Lessons for and from Latin America, Rafael Di Tella, Sebastian Edwards, and Ernesto Schargrodsky, editors
Economical Crime Control
with Jens Ludwig
in Controlling Crime: Strategies and Tradeoffs, Philip Cook, Jens Ludwig, Justin McCrary, editors
April 2010Public Safety through Private Action: An economic assessment of BIDs, locks, and citizen cooperation
with John MacDonald: w15877
October 2009Gun Control after Heller: Litigating against Regulation
with Jens Ludwig, Adam Samaha: w15431

Published: P.J. Cook, J. Ludwig, and A. Samaha. "Gun Control After Heller: Threats and Sideshows from a Social Welfare Perspective." UCLA Law Review 56.5 (June, 2009): 1041-1093.

February 2008Assessing Urban Crime And Its Control: An Overview
April 2007Cigarette Taxes and Youth Smoking: New Evidence from National, State, & Local Youth Risk Behavior Surveys
with Christopher Carpenter: w13046

Published: Carpenter, Christopher & Cook, Philip J., 2008. "Cigarette taxes and youth smoking: New evidence from national, state, and local Youth Risk Behavior Surveys," Journal of Health Economics, Elsevier, vol. 27(2), pages 287-299, March.

August 2006Should Sixth Grade be in Elementary or Middle School? An Analysis of Grade Configuration and Student Behavior
with Robert MacCoun, Clara Muschkin, Jacob Vigdor: w12471
Smoke Signals: Adolescent Smoking and School Continuation
with Rebecca Hutchinson: w12472

Published: Bianchi, Marina (ed.) Advances in Austrian Economics Vol. 10, The Evolution of Consumption: Theories and Practices. 2007.

December 2005The Myth of the Drinker's Bonus
with Bethany Peters: w11902
November 2005Underground Gun Markets
with Jens Ludwig, Sudhir Venkatesh, Anthony A. Braga: w11737

Published: Cook, P. J., J. Ludwig, S.A. Venkatesh, and A.A. Braga. "Underground gun markets." Economic Journal 117 (November, 2007).

June 2005Assigning Deviant Youths to Minimize Total Harm
with Jens Ludwig: w11390

Published: Dodge, Kenneth A, Thomas J. Dishion, and Jennifer E. Lansford (eds.) Diviant Peer Influences in Programs for Youth: Problems and Solutions. The Guilford Press, 2006.

February 2005Are Alcohol Excise Taxes Good For Us? Short and Long-Term Effects on Mortality Rates
with Jan Ostermann, Frank A. Sloan: w11138
May 2002The Effects of Gun Prevalence on Burglary: Deterrence vs Inducement
with Jens Ludwig: w8926

Published: Ludwig, J and PJ Cook (eds.) Evaluating Gun Policy. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2003.

October 2001State and Local Prevalence of Firearms Ownership: Measurement, Structure, and Trends
with Deborah Azrael, Matthew Miller: w8570

Published: Azrael, D, PJ Cook, and M Miller. “State and Local Prevalence of Firearms Ownership: Measurement, Structure, and Trends." Journal of Quantitative Criminology 20, 1 (March 2004): 43-62.

After the Epidemic: Recent Trends in Youth Violence in the United States
with John H. Laub: w8571


January 2001Environment and Persistence in Youthful Drinking Patterns
with Michael J. Moore
in Risky Behavior among Youths: An Economic Analysis, Jonathan Gruber, editor
June 1999The Benefits of Reducing Gun Violence: Evidence from Contingent-Valuation Survey Data
with Jens Ludwig: w7166

Published: Ludwig, Jens and Philip J. Cook. "The Benefits Of Reducing Gun Violence: Evidence From Contingent-Valuation Survey Data," Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2001, v22(3,May), 207-226. citation courtesy of

January 1999Alcohol
with Michael J. Moore: w6905


  • Cook, Philip J. & Moore, Michael J., 2000. "Alcohol," Handbook of Health Economics, in: A. J. Culyer & J. P. Newhouse (ed.), Handbook of Health Economics, edition 1, volume 1, chapter 30, pages 1629-1673 Elsevier.
  • Cook, Philip and Michael J. Moore. "The Economics Of Alcohol Abuse And Alcohol-Control Policies," Health Affairs, 2002, v21(2,Mar/Apr), 120-133.

November 1996The Effects of Short-Term Variation in Abortion Funding on Pregnancy Outcomes
with Allan M. Parnell, Michael J. Moore, Deanna Pagnini: w5843

Published: Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 18, no. 2 (1999): 241-258. citation courtesy of

June 1995Habit and Heterogeneity in the Youthful Demand for Alcohol
with Michael J. Moore: w5152
January 1993The Growing Concentration of Top Students at Elite Schools
with Robert H. Frank
in Studies of Supply and Demand in Higher Education, Charles T. Clotfelter and Michael Rothschild, editors
July 1991The Peculiar Scale Economies of Lotto
with Charles T. Clotfelter: w3766

Published: American Economic Review, June 1993 citation courtesy of

The "Gambler's Fallacy" in Lottery Play
with Charles T. Clotfelter: w3769

Published: Management Science, December 1993

April 1989The Demand for Lottery Products
with Charles T. Clotfelter: w2928

Published: Published as "Public Services, Private Substitutes, and the Demand for Protection Against Crime", American Economic Review, Vol. 67, no. 5 (1977): 867-877.

May 1987Implicit Taxation in Lottery Finance
with Charles T. Clotfelter: w2246

Published: "Implicit Taxation in Lottery Finance." From National Tax Journal, Vol. 40 , No. 4, pp. 533-546, December 1987.

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