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NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2020Universal Basic Income: A Dynamic Assessment
with Diego Daruich: w27351
April 2020Comment on "The Glass Ceiling and the Paper Floor: Gender Differences among Top Earners, 1981–2012"
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2020, volume 35, Martin Eichenbaum and Erik Hurst, editors
April 2019Girls, Boys, and High Achievers
with Angela Cools, Eleonora Patacchini: w25763
March 2019Coming out in America: AIDS, Politics, and Cultural Change
with Sahar Parsa, Martina Viarengo: w25697
December 2014The Long and the Short of It: Sovereign Debt Crises and Debt Maturity
with Alberto Martin: w20786
June 2014Free to Leave? A Welfare Analysis of Divorce Regimes
with Joyce Cheng Wong: w20251

Published: Raquel Fernández & Joyce Cheng Wong, 2017. "Free to Leave? A Welfare Analysis of Divorce Regimes," American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, vol 9(3), pages 72-115.

January 2014Divorce Risk, Wages, and Working Wives: A Quantitative Life-Cycle Analysis of Female Labor Force Participation
with Joyce C. Wong: w19869

Published: Raquel Fernández & Joyce Cheng Wong, 2014. "Divorce Risk, Wages and Working Wives: A Quantitative Life-Cycle Analysis of Female Labour Force Participation," The Economic Journal, vol 124(576), pages 319-358.

October 2011The Disappearing Gender Gap: The Impact of Divorce, Wages, and Preferences on Education Choices and Women's Work
with Joyce Cheng Wong: w17508
August 2010Does Culture Matter?

Published: "Does Culture Matter?" in, J. Benhabib, M.O. Jackson, and A. Bisin, editors, Handbook of Social Economics Vol. 1A, North Holland, 2011

September 2009Women's Rights and Development

Published: Raquel Fernández, 2014. "Women’s rights and development," Journal of Economic Growth, vol 19(1), pages 37-80.

September 2007Culture as Learning: The Evolution of Female Labor Force Participation over a Century

Published: Fernández, Raquel. 2013. "Cultural Change as Learning: The Evolution of Female Labor Force Participation over a Century." American Economic Review, 103(1): 472-500. DOI: 10.1257/aer.103.1.472

February 2007Women, Work, and Culture

Published: Fernandez, Raquel. “Women, Work, and Culture." Journal of the European Economic Association 5, 2-3 (2007): 305-332.

August 2005Fertility: The Role of Culture and Family Experience
with Alessandra Fogli: w11569

Published: Raquel Fernández & Alessandra Fogli, 2006. "Fertility: The Role of Culture and Family Experience," Journal of the European Economic Association, MIT Press, vol. 4(2-3), pages 552-561, 04-05. citation courtesy of

Diversity and Redistribution
with Gilat Levy: w11570

Published: Fernandez, Raquel and Gilat Levy. "Diversity and Redistribution." Journal of Public Economics 92, 5-6 (June 2008): 925-43. citation courtesy of

April 2005Culture: An Empirical Investigation of Beliefs, Work, and Fertility
with Alessandra Fogli: w11268

Published: Fernandez, Raquel and Alessandra Fogli. "Culture: An Empirical Investigation of Beliefs, Work, and Fertility." American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 1,1 (January 2009): 146-177. citation courtesy of

June 2004Preference Formation and the Rise of Women's Labor Force Participation: Evidence from WWII
with Alessandra Fogli, Claudia Olivetti: w10589
January 2003School Vouchers as a Redistributive Device. An Analysis of Three Alternative Systems
with Richard Rogerson
in The Economics of School Choice, Caroline M. Hoxby, editor
September 2002Marrying Your Mom: Preference Transmission and Women's Labor and Education Choices
with Alessandra Fogli, Claudia Olivetti: w9234
November 2001Love and Money: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Household Sorting and Inequality
with Nezih Guner, John Knowles: w8580

Published: Fernandez, Raquel, Nezih Guner and John Knowles. "Love And Money: A Theoretical And Empirical Analysis Of Household Sorting And Inequality," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2005, v120(1,Feb), 273-344. citation courtesy of

July 2001Education, Segregation and Marital Sorting: Theory and an Application to UK Data

Published: Fernandez, Raquel. "Education, Segregation And Marital Sorting: Theory And An Application To The UK," European Economic Review, 2002, v46(6,Jun), 993-1022.

January 2001Sorting, Education and Inequality

Published: Dewatripont, Hansen, and Turnovsky (eds.) Advances in Economics and Econometrics. Cambridge University Press, 2003.

January 2000Sorting and Long-Run Inequality
with Richard Rogerson: w7508

Published: Fernandez, Raquel and Richard Rogerson. "Sorting And Long-Run Inequality," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2001, v116(4,Nov), 1305-1341. citation courtesy of

May 1999Equity and Resources: An Analysis of Education Finance Systems
with Richard Rogerson: w7111

Published: Fernandez, Raquel and Richard Rogerson. "Equity And Resources: An Analysis Of Education Finance Systems," Journal of Political Economy, 2003, v111(4,Aug), 858-897. citation courtesy of

June 1998Education and Borrowing Constraints: Tests vs. Prices
April 1997The Determinants of Public Education Expenditures: Evidence from the States, 1950-1990
with Richard Rogerson: w5995

Published: Fernandez, Raquel and Richard Rogerson. "Public Education And Income Distribution: A Dynamic Quantitative Evaluation Of Education-finance Reform," American Economic Review, 1998, v88(4,Sep), 813-833.

March 1997Returns to Regionalism: An Evaluation of Non-Traditional Gains from RTAs

Published: (With J. Portes) World Bank Economic Review, Vol. 12, no. 2 (1998): 197-220.

February 1997To Each According To...? Markets, Tournaments, and the Matching Problem with Borrowing Constraints
with Jordi Gali: w5930

Published: Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 66, no. 4 (1999): 799-824. citation courtesy of

November 1995Education Finance Reform and Investment in Human Capital: Lessons from California
with Richard Rogerson: w5369

Published: Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 74 (1999): 327-350. citation courtesy of

May 1995Sovereign Debt
with Jonathan Eaton: w5131


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October 1994Income Distribution and Public Education: A Dynamic Quantitative Evaluation of School Finance Reform
with Richard Rogerson: w4883

Published: American Economic Review, Vol. 88 (1998): 813-833.

September 1993Zoning and the Political Economy of Local Redistribution
with Richard Rogerson: w4456

Published: Cuadernos Economicos, 61, 1996

April 1993Keeping People Out: Income Distribution, Zoning and the Quality of Public Education
with Richard Rogerson: w4333

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September 1992Income Distribution, Communities and the Quality of Public Education: A Policy Analysis
with Richard Rogerson: w4158

Published: Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1996, pp.135-164

February 1992Human Capital Accumulation and Income Distribution
with Richard Rogerson: w3994

Published: "On the Political Economy of Education Subsidies", Review of Economic Studies, vol. 62, pp. 249-262, April 1995.

March 1991Debt Concentration and Secondary Markets Prices: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
with Sule Ozler: w3654

Published: International Economic Review, Vol. 40 (1999): 333-355.

February 1990Why is Trade Reform so Unpopular? On Status Quo Bias in Policy Reforms
with Dani Rodrik: w3269

Published: "Resistance to Reform: Status Quo Bias in the Presence of Individual-Specific Uncertainty," The American Economic Review, December 1991.

September 1989Striking for a Bargain Between Two Completely Informed Agents
with Jacob Glazer: w3108

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May 1989The Scope for Collusive Behavior Among Debtor Countries
with Jacob Glazer: w2980

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Sovereign-Debt Renegotiations Revisted
with Robert W. Rosenthal: w2981

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September 1988Bank Size, Reputation, and Debt Renegotiation
with David Kaaret: w2704

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Tariffs in an Economy with Incomplete Markets and Unemployment

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May 1988Sovereign-debt Renegotiations: A Strategic Analysis
with Robert W. Rosenthal: w2597

Published: "Strategic Models of Sovereign-Debt Negotiations," Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 57, pp. 331-349, (1990).

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