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NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2020My Taxes are Too Darn High: Tax Protests as Revealed Preferences for Redistribution
with Brad C. Nathan, Alejandro Zentner: w27816
June 2020Betting on the House: Subjective Expectations and Market Choices
with Nicolas L. Bottan: w27412
January 2020Are Political and Charitable Giving Substitutes? Evidence from the United States
with Maria Petrova, Andrei Simonov, Pinar Yildirim: w26616
December 2019Your Place in the World: The Demand for National and Global Redistribution
with Dietmar Fehr, Johanna Mollerstrom: w26555
The Old Boys' Club: Schmoozing and the Gender Gap
with Zoë B. Cullen: w26530
February 2019The Effects of Income Transparency on Well-Being: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Published: Ricardo Perez-Truglia, 2020. "The Effects of Income Transparency on Well-Being: Evidence from a Natural Experiment," American Economic Review, vol 110(4), pages 1019-1054. citation courtesy of

October 2018The Salary Taboo: Privacy Norms and the Diffusion of Information
with Zoë B. Cullen: w25145
July 2018How Much Does Your Boss Make? The Effects of Salary Comparisons
with Zoë Cullen: w24841
June 2018Expectations with Endogenous Information Acquisition: An Experimental Investigation
with Andreas Fuster, Mirko Wiederholt, Basit Zafar: w24767
August 2017Sympathy for the Diligent and the Demand for Workfare
with Andres Drenik: w23659

Published: Drenik, Andres & Perez-Truglia, Ricardo, 2018. "Sympathy for the diligent and the demand for workfare," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Elsevier, vol. 153(C), pages 77-102. citation courtesy of

July 2017Tax Audits as Scarecrows: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment
with Marcelo L. Bérgolo, Rodrigo Ceni, Guillermo Cruces, Matias Giaccobasso: w23631
Choosing Your Pond: Location Choices and Relative Income
with Nicolas L. Bottan: w23615
March 2016Learning from Potentially-Biased Statistics: Household Inflation Perceptions and Expectations in Argentina
with Alberto Cavallo, Guillermo Cruces: w22103

Published: Alberto Cavallo & Guillermo Cruces & Ricardo Perez-Truglia, 2016. "Learning from Potentially Biased Statistics," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, vol 2016(1), pages 59-108.

June 2015Shaming Tax Delinquents
with Ugo Troiano: w21264

Published: Ricardo Perez-Truglia & Ugo Troiano, 2018. "Shaming tax delinquents," Journal of Public Economics, vol 167, pages 120-137. citation courtesy of

October 2014Inflation Expectations, Learning and Supermarket Prices
with Alberto Cavallo, Guillermo Cruces: w20576

Published: Cavallo, Alberto, Guillermo Cruces, and Ricardo Perez-Truglia. 2017. "Inflation Expectations, Learning, and Supermarket Prices: Evidence from Survey Experiments." American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 9 (3): 1-35. DOI: 10.1257/mac.20150147

December 2010Conveniently Upset: Avoiding Altruism by Distorting Beliefs About Others
with Rafael Di Tella: w16645

Published: Rafael Di Tella & Ricardo Perez-Truglia & Andres Babino & Mariano Sigman, 2015. "Conveniently Upset: Avoiding Altruism by Distorting Beliefs about Others' Altruism," American Economic Review, vol 105(11), pages 3416-3442.

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