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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2020A Quantity-Driven Theory of Term Premia and Exchange Rates
with Robin Greenwood, Jeremy C. Stein, Adi Sunderam: w27615
June 2020Predictable Financial Crises
with Robin Greenwood, Andrei Shleifer, Jakob Ahm Sørensen: w27396
April 2019Reflexivity in Credit Markets
with Robin Greenwood, Lawrence J. Jin: w25747
September 2017The Decline of Big-Bank Lending to Small Business: Dynamic Impacts on Local Credit and Labor Markets
with Brian S. Chen, Jeremy C. Stein: w23843
October 2016Fiscal Risk and the Portfolio of Government Programs
with David S. Scharfstein, Adi Sunderam: w22763
December 2015Forward Guidance in the Yield Curve: Short Rates versus Bond Supply
with Robin Greenwood, Dimitri Vayanos: w21750
December 2014The Rise and Fall of Demand for Securitizations
with Sergey Chernenko, Adi Sunderam: w20777
July 2014Banks as Patient Fixed-Income Investors
with Andrei Shleifer, Jeremy C. Stein, Robert W. Vishny: w20288

Published: Hanson, Samuel G. & Shleifer, Andrei & Stein, Jeremy C. & Vishny, Robert W., 2015. "Banks as patient fixed-income investors," Journal of Financial Economics, Elsevier, vol. 117(3), pages 449-469. citation courtesy of

July 2013Waves in Ship Prices and Investment
with Robin Greenwood: w19246

Published: Waves in Ship Prices and Investment* Robin Greenwood and Samuel G. Hanson The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2015) 130 (1): 55-109. doi: 10.1093/qje/qju035 citation courtesy of

July 2011Issuer Quality and the Credit Cycle
with Robin Greenwood: w17197

Published: Greenwood, Robin, and Samuel G. Hanson. "Issuer Quality and Corporate Bond Returns." Review of Financial Studies 26, no. 6 (June 2013): 1483–1525.

April 2010Characteristic Timing
with Robin Greenwood: w15948

Published: Greenwood, Robin, and Samuel G. Hanson. "Share Issuance and Factor Timing." Journal of Finance 67, no. 2 (April 2012): 761–798.

June 2008A Gap-Filling Theory of Corporate Debt Maturity Choice
with Robin Greenwood, Jeremy C. Stein: w14087

Published: Robin Greenwood & Samuel Hanson & Jeremy C. Stein, 2010. "A Gap-Filling Theory of Corporate Debt Maturity Choice," Journal of Finance, American Finance Association, vol. 65(3), pages 993-1028, 06. citation courtesy of

February 2008Do Hedge Funds Profit From Mutual-Fund Distress?
with Joseph Chen, Harrison Hong, Jeremy C. Stein: w13786
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